The Best Schools And Programs for Tax Law

Rank and SchoolAnnual Tuition (Full-Time / Out of State)LSAT (25th -75th Percentile)Acceptance RateMedian Private (PR) and Public (PU) Sector Starting SalariesPost-Graduation DebtEmploy-ment After 9 Months (2012Grads)Over-all Rank
1. New York U.$54,678168-17231.4%$160,000 (PR)$51,630 (PU)$147,68595.9%6
2. U. of Florida$41,546156-16250.4%$70,000 (PR) $43,403 (PU)$81,47963.1%49
3. Georgetown$50,890163-16931.1%$160,000 (PR) $58,000 (PU)$145,63184.3%13
4. Northwestern$55,064161-17126.3%$160,000 (PR) $63,000 (PU)$155,77785.8%12
5. Boston U.$45,786161-16634.5%$160,000 (PR) $57,000 (PU)$110,30968.1%27
5. Columbia U.$57,838169-17321.3%$160,000 (PR) $55,000 (PU)$141,56697.0%4
5. U. of Miami$44,626155-16053.2%$67,250 (PR) $47,000 (PU)$148,51368.8%61
8. Harvard U.$53,308170-17515.6%$160,000 (PR) $58,000 (PU)$123,67394.1%2
8. U. of San Diego$45,860156-16146.8%$75,000 (PR) $58,000 (PU)$128,73151.7%79
10. U. of Washington$45,024161-16526.1%$95,000 (PR) $55,000 (PU)$100,86779.0%24

Source: U.S. News and World Report
What differentiates the top schools for tax law:
Since 1992, New York University’s tax law program has been ranked #1 by U.S. Boasting 40 faculty members and nearly 300 full-time and part-time students, NYU offers over 50 courses in domestic and international tax law. The program includes renowned academics such as Neil Barofsky, who oversaw the Troubled Asset Relief (TARP) program, and Lily Batcheidler, who is currently on leave to serve as the Chief Tax Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee. Thanks to being located near lower Manhattan, the school also draws practicing adjunct faculty from top firms like Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton and Weil, Gotshal & Manages LLP. What’s more, NYU publishes the premier faculty-edited journal on tax policy, The Tax Law Review (TLR). 

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