Law Schools Sneakily Boost Placement Rates

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Pace Names New Law School Dean

Source: New York Times

Tulsa and Thomas Jefferson Cutting Tuition

Source: National Law Journal

Learning the Law Through Apprenticeship

Source: National Law Journal

Racial Tensions Rise at UCLA Law

Source: Kulture Kritic

Shawn O’Connor Answers Your Questions

Source: U.S. News and World Report

Has George Washington Lowered Its Admissions Standards?

Source: George Washington Hatchet

Judge Smacks Down Yale Law Student in Same Sex Marriage Suit

Source: Above the Law

Law Grad Convicted of First Degree Murder

Source: New York Daily News

5 Reasons to Love Studying Law

Source: The Guardian


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Kristina ‏@KBcdefghij  1h

Every time I have the urge to skip class, i remember that one day in law school costs me $363.

julien Denoyer ‏@juliendenoyer  1h

Law school taught me one thing: how to take two situations that are exactly the same and show how they are different – Hart Pomerantz

John Boschini ‏@Johnbo01  7m

It astounds me how much Law School is like Mean Girls. If there’s a sequel, that’s the setting.

Paige ‏@paigelikeapage  30m

If you have no real skills besides “reading comprehension” and you are prone to social awkwardness and self-obsession, go to law school.