Survival Strategies For Ordinary Law Schools

One Liners:


Can You Get Into Law School With a 160

Source: U.S. News and World Report

Tenured Faculty Layoffs Could Be Coming To New York Law Schools

Source: Above The Law

Former Law Student Arrested For Threatening Roger Williams Faculty


Vermont Law School Establishes Partnerships to Increase Legal Diversity


What’s Wrong With the U.S. News Rankings

Source: Concurring Opinions

University of Pittsburgh Increases Scholarship Funds

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Tweets of the Week:

Parish Tillman ‏@Parish_Tillman35m
I just giggled at the phrase “premature adjudication.” Maybe I shouldn’t be in law school.
ruebeee ‏@ruebeee  36m
Law school is like high school: full of annoying jerks, females hate each other, men with unwarranted confidence, and we even get a prom!
Lauren Presnell ‏@LpPrezzy  34m
I’m in law school but I eat like a second grader…If you looked on my fridge you’ll find stuff like sunny d, string cheese, & apple dippers
Vienna Morelli ‏@viennamorelli  1h
Federal Judge: “The best college major for law school isn’t political science… It’s acting. You’ll definitely use it in trial.”