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Harvard Law Review Elects 128th President

This week, Rachel G. Miller-Ziegler was elected by the editors of the Harvard Business Review to serve as their President.
Miller-Ziegler has big shoes to fill. Past presidents of The Review include U.S. President Barack Obama and political strategist Susan Estrich, along with several sitting U.S. Court of Appeals judges. Past editors of The Review include five sitting Supreme Court Justices: Antonin Scalia, Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Elena Kagan, and John Roberts.
First published in 1887, The Harvard Law Review is the oldest and most cited student-edited law review in the United States. To join The Review, students must rank among the top of their class and achieve the highest marks in a writing competition.
Miller-Ziegler, a 2L from Sacramento, is a 2010 Yale graduate with degrees in physics and religious studies. She enrolled at Harvard Law after spending two years as a paralegal.
“The Law Review is going to have a superb year under Rachel’s leadership,” said outgoing President Gillian S. Grossman. “Rachel distinguished herself from the start through her brilliant work, her tremendous commitment to legal scholarship, and her kindness toward all on the Review.”
Expect some changes to The Review during Miller-Ziegler’s tenure. She announced that The Review “will be unveiling a redesigned website with some exciting new functionality” in the coming weeks. She also noted that she’ll continue Grossman’s efforts to beef up The Review’s web content.
Source: The Harvard Crimson