University of Kentucky College of Law

university of kentucky college of law


University of Kentucky College of Law

620 S. Limestone
Lexington, KY 40506
(859) 257-6770

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TippingTheScales (2013): NR
U.S. News (2013): 58
AboveTheLaw (2013): NR



Academics & Programs: The University of Kentucky’s College of Law is a relatively small flagship state law school that attracts just as many out-of-state students as in-state, due to its solid academics and the accessibility of deans and professors. Small classes, combined with the commitment of this “dedicated” faculty indicate that ”there are plenty of opportunities for interaction with professors.” “The quality of instruction and the reputation of the school within the state of Kentucky are excellent,” says a student.

Though many agree “the building itself is not much to look at” since it is “poorly laid out [and] falling apart,” the professors inside its walls “are absolutely superb” and “open to discussion and opinions in class.” “UK Law is the epitome of the Rule Against Judging a Book by Its Cover. While our building is outdated, the professors that teach in them are first class.” What the facilities lack is “made up for in the general quality of professors and the approachability of the entire law school staff.” Their doors are often open, “whether you want to discuss an issue from class or seek career advice,” says a student. One professor even hugs her students as they leave the final, and “gets her feelings hurt if they don’t stay in touch.” In addition to flexible office hours, the professors and deans have had students “to their homes for dinner, participated in school intramural events and other outside activities such as tailgates that the law school hosts.”

The “very communicative” administration is similarly caring and “seems to want to improve the school”; they try to provide as many resources as possible, but “because funding is low, we just don’t have a lot of resources to work with.” That being said, “you quickly learn which administrators to seek out when there are problems,” as most agree “the school administration could do a better job communicating long term vision to students”; although “they do host feedback sessions /Town Hall meetings.” Technology assistants are also “well-trained and will help with even non-school related computer issues.”

The “excellent” first year legal writing and research program at UK places students in classes of 12, which leads to “extensive one-on-one time” to help hone in on these important, crucial skills. The program provides “detailed, practical experience.” However, students say that beyond this program, “the school doesn’t offer enough skills-based classes,” and there aren’t many areas in which to specialize. Yet, “you will find a well-rounded legal education,” and UK does “a great job in setting up on campus interviews and providing externship opportunities.”

Campus Life/Facilities: “If I had to choose a school again, I would no doubt choose UK,” says one satisfied student. Lexington is “an excellent place to live,” and everyone in this “involved student body” becomes “friends and helps each other out.” The school naturally focuses “much more on individual progress,” and “the competitiveness is at a minimum,” providing “a community feel rather than a cutthroat atmosphere.” This aura of laid-back professionalism “is conducive to collaboration among students.” Since many UK students are from out-of-state, friends are easy to come by, and Student Bar Association events, speakers, and local flair offer plenty of places to interact UK is a town within itself, and “$5 student UK basketball tickets” help to provide a downtime respite. “The best part about UK Law School is the basketball team (Go Big Blue).”

As with the classrooms, students say that “better facilities to accommodate the rigors of law school would make the place much nicer,” including a lunch area, more bathrooms, and a parking lot closer to the school. Though school seems to keep everyone busy enough, the general collegiality of the student body means that social involvement is easy to find. “I have had the pleasure of interacting with outstandingly talented professors AND student colleagues,” says one student.

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