Standalone Law Schools Struggle

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Law School Never Taught Me How To Be An Entrepreneur

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Get Answers On February LSAT Concerns

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Should You Proofread Your Law School Exams?

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Permanent link to Law School Ethicist: Just Because You Are Breaking Exam Rules, Are You Cheating?

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Interim Law School Deans At Akron, Case Face Leadership Challenges In Critical Era

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LawSchoolHumor ‏@LawSchoolHumor6 Dec

Newton’s law of law school: If you don’t do the reading assignment, the professor will call on you.

Atalie T ‏@atalie175350m

Hear someone pop a top in the library: Undergrad-i thought of opening a beer. Law school-I wonder which energy drink they chose to consume?

Michael S. Chiang ‏@the_mike_chiang6h

In law school, you come to learn that a good outline is worth more than aged bourbon. #lawschoolproblems

Rep. Joe Kennedy III ‏@RepJoeKennedy23m

Great question. Huge issue for our generation. New law school grad came to office hours on Sat & said interest payments alone = $42/day

Jessica ‏@JessicaRugg26m

An important lesson from law school: never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to.

Gina Sultan ‏@LegallyEgyptian59m

@LawProbs: Here’s to the wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends. The unsung heroes of law school.” I told you @MrTwentyLand