The Worst Law Schools for Student Debt

by Jeff Schmitt on

Full Debt-Financed Cost of Attendance

SchoolDebt at Repayment (Non-Resident)Monthly Payment – 10 Year Plan (Non-Resident)Percent Paying Full Tuition
Columbia University$317,429$3,66656.9%
New York University$317,426$3,66664.0%
Stanford University$317,066$3,66247.6%
Harvard University$312,224$3,60550.4%
University of Southern California$310,438$3,58422.9%
University of Chicago$302,201$3,48826.0%
Georgetown University$302,145$3,48863.1%
University of Pennsylvania$301,027$3,47553.6%
Cardozo-Yeshiva University$299,932$3,46235.9%
Cornell University$299,747$3,46050.5%
Fordham University$297,451$3,43350.9%
George Washington University$295,802$3,41444.1%
Southwestern Law School$293,496$3,38760.8%
Northwestern University$292,406$3,37455.7%
Pepperdine University$292,011$3,37043.7%
Hofstra University$290,316$3,35047.5%
Brooklyn Law School$289,376$3,33921.7%
Duke University$288,654$3,33016.7%
Loyola Marymount University$288,348$3,32758.0%
Baylor University$286,911$3,31028.0%
University of California-Hastings$286,907 ($277,913 for Residents)$3,310 ($3,197 for Residents )23.1%
Arizona Summit Law school$286,591$3,30654.6%
University of California-Berkeley$286,097 ($279,531 for Residents)$3,300 ($3,224 for Residents)38.0%
Emory University$285,431$3,29319.9%
University of Virginia$285,415 ($279,376 for Residents)$3,293 ($3,222 for Residents)62.2%
Yale University$283,388$3,26942.0%
UCLA$281,029 ($264,618 for Residents)$3,241 ($3,050 for Residents)20.1%
University of California-Davis$276,040 ($242,217 for Residents)$3,183 ($2,789 for Residents)28.1%
University of California-Irvine$275,597 ($259,123 for Residents)$3,178 ($2,986 for Residents)10.6%
Vanderbilt University$273,764$3,15710.6%
Washington University (St. Louis)$272,361$3,14023.8%
University of Michigan$271,727 ($261,078 for Residents)$3,133 ($3,009 for Residents)27.0%
University of Notre Dame$269,869$3,11132.7%
University of Texas$258,183 ($200,670 for Residents)$2,975 ($2,304 for Residents)16.9%
Thomas M. Cooley Law School$257,091$2,96242.5%
University of North Carolina$246,355 ($182,044 for Residents)$2,837 ($2,087 for Residents)12.5%
Arizona State University$238,962 ($182,670 for Residents)$2,751 ($2,094 for Residents)43.9%
University of Alabama$211,979 ($154,902 for Residents)$2,436 ($1,771 for Residents)31.6%


Source: Law School Transparency

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