Law School 101: The Numbers You Need To Get Accepted

by Jeff Schmitt on

Source: U.S. News & World Report

2016 Rank2015 RankSchool2016 Tuition and Fees2015 Tuition and Fees2016 LSAT Score (25th-75th Percent-ile)2015 LSAT Score (25th-75th Percent-ile)2016 Accept-ance Rate2015 Accept-ance Rate2016 GPA2015 GPA
7564Yeshiva University$53,570$51,778155-162156-16252.4%46.0%3.25-3.673.2-3.65
7561University of Arkansas (Fayetteville)$30,028$937 (Per Credit)151-157152-15760.4%50.1%3.24-3.743.29-3.72
7881University of Pittsburgh$39,100$37,604152-160154-16144.4%49.6%3.09-3.683.16-3.61
7868Loyola (Chicago)$44,180$41,666155-159155-16052.0%51.1%3.05-3.523.14-3.58
7883Brooklyn Law$1,795 (Credit)$1,795 (Credit)153-159157-16153.2%43.9%3.05-3.533.16-3.63
7872Illinois Institute of Technology (Kent)$45,472$44,410152-159153-15961.7%54.7%3.17-3.623.16-3.6
8272University of Tulsa$34,430$33,428151-158152-15832.5%38.2%3.12-3.733.08-3.74
82100University of Hawaii$39,192$36,240152-159155-15937.8%33.3%3.07-3.603.03-3.61
82NRSt. John’s University$51,490NA153-159NA46.4%NA3.19-3.64NA
82100University of Oregon$38,056$36,746154-159156-16154.3%49.5%2.97-3.563.03-3.55
8279University of Cincinnati$29,010$41,044151-159155-15959.8%61.1%3.22-3.773.21-3.65
8793Northeastern University$45,000$43,910153-162153-16238.0%43.8%3.25-3.683.27-3.69
8783Rutgers University-Newark$38,029$37,189153-159154-15943.6%39.4%3.05-3.543.01-3.54
8793University of New Hampshire$41,378$41,190152-158153-15948.1%53.9%3.16-3.713.05-3.62
8793Villanova University$41,250$40,060152-159153-16051.2%55.2%3.33-3.723.24-3.74
87NRSyracuse University$46,064NA153-157NA55.5%NA3.19-3.55NA
87100University of Buffalo$43,987$40,056151-157150-15856.3%51.9%3.11-3.663.21-3.66
8793St. Louis University$38,435$37,615151-158151-15862.3%58.7%3.19-3.653.15-3.66
9487Michigan State University$37,294$35,844150-158152-15943.0%49.6%3.25-3.733.27-3.71
94NRUniversity of Mississippi$31,688NA151-156NA44.3%NA3.20-3.66NA
94NRSanta Clara University$1,568 (Per Credit)NA156-160NA49.8%NA3.04-3.47NA
9483West Virginia University$34,524$33,714152-156151-15754.4%61.7%3.09-3.703.1-3.72
9493University of South Carolina$46,180$44,752152-157153-15857.3%57.0%2.96-3.543.05-3.54
9472Louisiana State University$40,348$38,118153-158153-15962.2%46.2%2.96-3.533.13-3.66
9472Lewis & Clark University$40,114$39,326155-161154-16166.9%59.1%3.0-3.583.46-3.67
9487University of Louisville$36,538$34,612150-157152-15769.7%65.6%3.17-3.623.0-3.58

Source: U.S. News & World Report

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  • Mr. Wannabe Entrepreneur

    If your eyes are set on Ivy League, I wouldn’t go to NYU. Simply because it’s NOT an Ivy!

    • IIlI

      yeah all i know about nyu is the olsen twins from the full house tv show wanted to go there so they did.

  • Ms. Truthful

    im an aspiring prosecutor, and location isn’t a problem for me, except i have my heart and mind, set on an ivy league. but, i dont know the probability of me actually being able to get into one… i need to know the best ivy’s and almost-ivy’s for my case. i also dont know how likely it is, for me to get into one. i need help on which to pick. but i still need to know if i could ever get into one of the best. those are the ones im looking out for, the most.

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