Law School 101: The Numbers You Need To Get Accepted

by Jeff Schmitt on

2016 Rank2015 RankSchool2016 Tuition and Fees2015 Tuition and Fees2016 LSAT Score (25th-75th Percent-ile)2015 LSAT Score (25th-75th Percent-ile)2016 Accept-ance Rate2015 Accept-ance Rate2016 GPA2015 GPA
2627Boston University$47,188$45,786160-165161-16639.2%34.5%3.42-3.743.44-3.77
2631Arizona State University$41,751$40,818157-163158-16444.1%39.1%3.37-3.783.33-3.71
2824University of Washington$45,210$45,024160-166161-16526.3%26.1%3.51-3.843.46-3.8
2924College of William & Mary$38,800$38,000157-165161-16532.3%29.5%3.53-3.893.46-3.88
30University of California-Irvine$51,211NA162-166NA22.0%NA3.27-3.70NA
3129University of Georgia$36,810$36,410158-164158-16430.7%33.3%3.42-3.803.33-3.81
3136University of California-Davis$56,537$56,537160-164159-16435.2%52.4%3.33-3.753.31-3.65
3131University of Wisconsin$40,068$40,061157-163156-16349.9%44.2%3.30-3.763.21-3.7
3436Fordham University$52,532$50,996160-165161-16535.5%37.8%3.35-3.683.32-3.68
3436Brigham Young University$23,240$22,560156-164158-16436.3%35.6%3.52-3.833.45-3.88
3431University of North Carolina$39,191$38,846157-163159-16340.3%44.7%3.33-3.663.28-3.68
3436Boston College$46,790$44,860159-164160-16543.9%34.9%3.32-3.643.41-3.69
3431Ohio State University$43,508$42,985156-162157-16249.6%45.4%3.44-3.793.49-3.81
3429University of Indiana$49,927$48,962154-163154-16461.9%52.6%3.30-3.883.39-3.9
4043University of Colorado-Boulder$38,672$38,524156-163158-16447.0%38.1%3.34-3.763.29-3.73
4140University of Illinois$49,044$48,976158-163157-16341.9%45.5%3.15-3.633.26-3.72
4246George Mason University$40,737$40,737156-163157-16338.0%35.4%3.19-3.693.17-3.71
4240University of Arizona$29,000$38,841156-163155-16339.1%40.3%3.25-3.723.31-3.72
4243Washington & Lee University$45,597$44,707157-163160-16543.3%38.1%3.12-3.553.34-3.66
4249University of Utah$47,170$44,635158-161155-16144.2%45.1%3.36-3.693.31-3.68
4642Southern Methodist University$48,796$46,519156-163157-16345.8%41.3%3.25-3.743.32-3.82
4746University of Maryland$41,464$39,256155-162154-16246.5%44.1%3.24-3.683.3-3.7
4731Wake Forest University$42,276$41,364157-163157-16452.8%45.1%3.37-3.783.26-3.73
4749University of Florida$38,830$41,546155-161156-16261.3%50.4%3.26-3.683.31-3.76
5045Florida State University$40,695$40,644156-161157-16141.2%41.9%3.22-3.643.27-3.72


Source: U.S. News & World Report

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  • Mr. Wannabe Entrepreneur

    If your eyes are set on Ivy League, I wouldn’t go to NYU. Simply because it’s NOT an Ivy!

    • IIlI

      yeah all i know about nyu is the olsen twins from the full house tv show wanted to go there so they did.

  • Ms. Truthful

    im an aspiring prosecutor, and location isn’t a problem for me, except i have my heart and mind, set on an ivy league. but, i dont know the probability of me actually being able to get into one… i need to know the best ivy’s and almost-ivy’s for my case. i also dont know how likely it is, for me to get into one. i need help on which to pick. but i still need to know if i could ever get into one of the best. those are the ones im looking out for, the most.

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