The Best Schools For Part-Time Law Programs

by Jeff Schmitt on

Rank and SchoolPart-Time ScorePeer Assess-ment Score (5.0 is Highest)Annual Tuition (Part-Time)LSAT (25th-75th Percent-ile)Accept-ance RateMedian Private (PR) and Public (PU) Sector Starting SalariesPost-Graduation DebtEmploy-ment After 9 Months (2011 Grads)Over-all Rank
1. Georgetown U.1004.1$36,000158-1654.5%$160,000 (PR)$58,000 (PU)$145,63184.3%13
2. George Washington U.843.5$36,813154-16519.1%$160,000 (PR)$60,000 (PU)$123,69391.0%20
3. Fordham U.803.4$38,316158-16229.0%$160,000 (PR)$55,000 (PU)$142,43568.9%36
4. George Mason742.8$905 / Credit (In-State)$1455 / Credit (Out-of- State)157-16314.3%$67,500 (PR)$55,000 (PU)$118,79172.7%46
5. Loyola Marymount672.7$30,795156-1618.5%$75,000 (PR)$61,473 (PU)$141,76547.9%87
6. U. of Connecticut662.8$17,262 (In-State)$35,462 (Out-of-State)154-15833.5%$84,000 (PR)$57,000 (PU)$69,12470.4%54
7. Lewis & Clark College (North-western)652.6$29,494151-15845.9%$70,000 (PR)$44,621 (PU)$119,04864.172
7. Southern Methodist (Dedman)652.6$34,889153-16220.3%$85,000 (PR)$60,500 (PU)$128,38180.2%42
7. U. of Maryland (Carey)652.9$20,791 (In-State)$29,852 (Out-of-State)150-16124.8%$70,000 (PR)$45,000 (PU)$114,90968.7%46
10. Temple (Beasley)642.7$16,518 (In-State)$27,178 (Out-of-State)155-16229.0%$75,000 (PR)$49,500 (PU)$89,79864.3%61
10. University of Houston642.7$20,448 (In-State)$27,252 (Out-of-State)154-16115.3%$127,500 (PR)$53,000 (PU)$89,53075.2%58

Source: U.S. News & World Report

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